Wooden Bowl Turned Golden Catch-All

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I pass wooden bowls at thrift stores all the time. I can’t say I’ve ever really seen the appeal. Why would I buy something that bulky that I can’t really use?

Welllll, Mr. has been needing someplace to put his keys, wallet, and other stuff. Our good friends got him a catch-all for being in their wedding, but he lost it in the midst of it all. Major bummer.

cat wooden bowlI have been on the hunt for an awesome wooden bowl for this project, and finally spotted this super-solid wooden bowl on one of my 30-minute Goodwill trips.

wood bowl goodwillIt’s clearly not vintage due to the sticker residue on the bottom, but I thought the shape was perfect and the finish is beautiful. Plus it was only $2.00, as you can see from the many stickers put on by the store. (Someone got excited!) All it needed was a little cleaning up and my vision would come to life.



Every thrift store item I find gets a meticulous cleaning. I used a wpainter's tape gold spray paintet, soapy cloth to wipe this down and remove the stickers, then waited for it to dry completely.

When the bowl is dry, you can start applying the painter’s tape. I found a place on the bowl where I knew I could keep the tape line straight and sealed. A bad seal will allow paint to seep under the tape and create a mess.

Before placing the tape down, I took a plastic bag and applied the opening to the tape. The goal is to keep the bottom portion of the bowl original. Then, I put the tape onto the bowl. I continued this process very slowly until I was all the way around the bowl and the bag was essentially sealed around the base. Take your time here, or it could ruin your entire project. Then, I put a grocery bag in the base to protect the inside of the bowl.


Select the color and sheen of paint you’d like to use. I bought silver and gold, but ultimately decided on gold because I felt it would add contrast next to a mirror. I bought Rust-oleum Bright Coat Metallic Finish which costs less than $4.00 per can. It is wonderful stuff!

Before using the spray paint, I put down a layer of spray primer. I used Krylon Colormaster spray in white but I do not recommend it. I used a very thin layer and it started to run. (If I had it to do over again, I would skip the primer or find a different brand. The gold paint goes on smooth and shiny surfaces so well that I don’t think I even needed it.)

gold bowl spray paint woodenIf you’re not using primer, you can spray the metallic paint on the prepped surface. Avoid drips by going slow and be prepared to do two coats. Spray at an angle that won’t let paint drip into the inside of the bowl. The plastic bag will protect the inside as long as you’re careful about how you spray the outside.

Follow the drying instructions on the can and then remove the tape and shopping bags. A protective finish is unnecessary because the design of this product should result in the painted portion rarely being touched.

Overall, this project cost me less than $5.00. I have plenty of gold spray paint left over and I fear everything in my home will become gilded. The results are gorgeous and extremely simple; I cannot wait to get this put together in a design for the new house!

before after wood bowl gold paint catch all

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4 thoughts on “Wooden Bowl Turned Golden Catch-All

  1. I love refurbishing posts, it makes me happy to see something that was tossed revitalized and put into use again. I too have seen those heavy looking wooden bowls. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. That’s the best idea ever Alyssa. The hubby and I need one of these too, we’re always putting our keys and stuff all over the place. I love how you did the paint and protected the inside with a plastic bag, that’s very clever. Oh and your purr baby is gorgeous too

    1. Thank you! And we love her to pieces.
      I appreciate the feedback, hope to see you back soon!

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