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How to Have a Successful 30-Minute Goodwill Trip

the 30 minutes goodwill trip

Do you have unlimited free time to spend thrifting?

If so, get the heck out! We don’t need your unicorn-types around here.

If the answer is no, I welcome you, friend. I often found myself driving past a new thrift shop thinking: I don’t have three hours to spend there today. Maybe tomorrow…

HA! Most of the finds that I write about came out of a 30-minute trip. But how is it done?

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$1.75 Bathroom Apothecary Jar Upcycle

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Apothecary jars are so delicate while still being usable. Due to their designs, they can cost upwards of $200. Two. Hundred. Dollars. Lucky for me, I have an excess of candles and candle jars. I cannot resist buying them on clearance, which has resulted in an entire shelf in the basement being dedicated to scented wax storage. Whoops.

I was scrolling through photos of amazing bathrooms when I realized that those empty candle jars I recycled could have a second life as apothecary jars. I already have one pretty jar that currently houses cotton balls, but I needed someplace for the cotton swabs to go. It is a dire emergency if this household runs out of cotton swabs…

So back to the candles: I found a Chesapeake Bay candle I loved at Marshall’s, and was so sad when it ran out that I kept the jar. It had a wooden lid and was perfect for my apothecary project. Voila! A new beginning for an old candle!

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