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Ugly Tray Turned Beautiful Breakfast Server

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I am ashamed to admit that I often find myself working on blog posts or sales listings from the comfort of my bed. Partly because my office is overrun by clothes I’m selling, but also because I like being comfy and watching TV at the same time. Unfortunately, today was a sick day for me, so you get to see this beaut in cold/flu action! (By the way, yes. I always eat salmon on fancy plates when I’m sick… HA! It was just the only thing that my stomach could handle.)

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Thrifted Cloche with a Bright Twist

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bright wedding clocheCloches have been popular for years.  I have always enjoyed them, but never thought my house was fancy enough to pull off a “Beauty and the Beast”. I found one at the Goodwill Outlet and decided I had to give it a closer look. (If you’ve never been to the Goodwill Outlet, you NEED to go.  It’s an adventure every time.)

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