Fashion Find: J. Crew Falling Pansies Pant

thrift j. crew falling pansies

It is no secret that I love visiting Goodwill. Even a trip of only a few minutes can yield an awesome piece or two. It is also no secret that I love statement pieces, but floral pants are something that I haven’t felt comfortable with until my last thrift adventure.

j. crew falling pansiesI was in a Goodwill that I never visit anymore because it’s a good 30-minute drive. After this trip, that might have to change. I noticed a new clothing rack in the aisle while I was walking toward the housewares. I stopped for a moment when these pants caught my eye. Rarely do I look at the new clothing racks because the prices are often too high to resell and I need to resist overfilling my own closet. Bright florals, pockets, and J. Crew?! The original plan was to sell them, but that changed when I saw they were my size.  The kicker: they only cost me $3.50.

I got them home and started doing research while they were washing. The Falling Pansies Pant was part of the Spring 2015 line and originally cost $110. They can be found on the J. Crew website, but are no longer available from J. Crew. Resale sites like Poshmark and eBay have them at dramatically discounted prices.

These struck me as potentially difficult to style.  A solid cotton shirt in a matching color would be easy. A white button-up tucked in would work as well. I went for a blue and white striped Vineyard Vines tee tucked in, with an optional cardy over it. This was so comfortable while I was watching Mr. play drums at a vineyard over the weekend! They are almost like wearing pajamas all day.

Any day that I can wear pajamas all day is a good day.

floral j. crew pants