Does the Front Door Really Matter?

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I apologize for being absent. I haven’t really taken a break to blog since we CLOSED ON OUR HOUSE!! Mr. and I are very glad to know that it’s all done.

The short sale process was extremely easy for us-our realtor even said it was unusual, but the mortgage process was a pain. I am breathing easy because it is finally ours.

The house was a rental/sat empty for about two years; it needs lots of love. (See dead bush in first photo.) One of the first things that Mr. commented on was the front door. It was a very dingy white, and try as I might, those marks would not wash off. This is going to be a pain, right? WRONG. I did a little research and found Modern Masters Front Door Paint. The reviews raved about how wonderful it was and I decided to give it a try.

We went with “Calm”, which is a gorgeous, deep blue color. I watched the video tips and read the directions thoroughly before beginning, and I’m glad I did. Here’s our door beforehand:


Before beginning, I washed the surface and took off all hardware. It’s a new house and I couldn’t rekey the lock, so I purchased a new handleset. If you’re keeping the hardware, I recommend keeping the old pieces in a bag so that they don’t escape. Then, I put down a drop cloth and taped areas of the door I didn’t want painted. Even steady hands need a backup! Hint: don’t tape over windows. It will be a frustrating waste of time and you’ll need these anyway.

blue door painting

My door didn’t have any panels, but I had to paint around the window first. Then, I did the horizontals and finally the verticals. (You can see the process explained better here.) The first coat I did left streaks and splotches, and even the second was a little spotty. You can see the first coat to the left. I like to keep strips of painter’s tape handy in case I realize that I forgot a spot. I usually do…

The third coat was gorgeous and even. I lightly sanded some spots where I got a little crazy with the paint. I also had to put on new hardware, which can be rough on paint, so I touched up tiny spots with a cotton swab.

Remember when I said not to tape the windows? These blades are a lifesaver for us sloppy painters! It only took about 15 minutes to scrape the paint off the window, and I know that placing tape in an oval shape would have taken me much longer.


I am thrilled to have one tiny part of the house finished. Just this small change has made me feel better about the house. So does it matter? The front door is the first impression that guest will have of your home. It is your welcoming beacon when you return after a long day. It is a statement of your personality. I say yes! It does!

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