8 Fashion Trends for Spring 2017 That I’ll Thrift First

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I love seeing how fashion trends morph. They never seem to change completely, but instead fade through the seasons until they are revived again.

Because many styles come in waves, it is common to find older or vintage items that are back on-trend in thrift stores. Shoot, some people even donate items before they are out of style! I have created a list of 8 of this season’s essentials, and I have included Amazon links in case you’d rather buy it now. (No judgement.)

1. Denim Everything

This is an easy one. Thrift stores sell a variety of jeans, but they also have a great selection of denim jackets, shirts, and skirts. Plus, you can distress and personalize them yourself! Bonus!

2. Stripes

I love looking for specific patterns at thrift stores because they are so easy to spot! Look for bright colors, especially oranges and blues.

3. Platform Shoes

I am not surprised that platforms are back because they are so comfortable. Who remembers having some thick-soled sandals in the 2000s? I spot these at thrift shops all the time.

4. Flowy Fabrics

I just love fabric that flows. It is comfortable and forgiving: two of my favorite things! This one might take some more digging, but look for sheer dresses and skirts that move well. I often have the most luck in the skirt aisle.

5. 80s Trends

What’s old is new again. Surprisingly, one of the biggest revivals from the era is puffy sleeves. Anyone else breathing heavy because they passed up a puffy-sleeved shiny prom dress at Goodwill? Yeah, me too.

6. Trench Coats

The lovely thing about trench coats is the lack of structure needed.  A simple cinch of the belt gives even a men’s coat a feminine look. Don’t worry about finding something in your exact size, just go for shape.



7. Shirt Dresses

Absolute easiest item to thrift from this list. Hands-down. Go to the men’s section first and look for oversized shirts that are long enough to be a dress. Add a belt. Boom. Done.

8. Florals

Do florals ever really go out of style? They are delicate and easy to pair. Look for floral shirts, especially in vintage patterns. If you’re lucky, you might find pants as well.









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