Thrifted Cloche with a Bright Twist

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bright wedding clocheCloches have been popular for years.  I have always enjoyed them, but never thought my house was fancy enough to pull off a “Beauty and the Beast”. I found one at the Goodwill Outlet and decided I had to give it a closer look. (If you’ve never been to the Goodwill Outlet, you NEED to go.  It’s an adventure every time.)

The Find
floral flower cloche

It was housed in a 5-gallon bucket with the ugliest vintage Christmas scene inside.  It looked like a child’s project gone wrong.  The cloche weighed two pounds, therefore costing me $1.78 at $.89 per pound. If you’re on the hunt, these are not rare at antique or thrift shops for $5-10, or I am linking a save and a splurge option. Make sure to order the size that will work best for your needs.
I had every intention to paint the base black (like everything else I paint), but I got it home and decided on teal. It is a welcome change because everything in our home right now is a wood tone.  The paint was left-over from my teal pumpkin in October to mark that we had allergy-friendly Halloween treats.  Read more about the Teal Pumpkin Project here.

The Work

This started as a stained wood base, but I sanded off the polyurethane for a new coat of paint. I used a 3M sanding sponge in a medium grit. Full disclosure: I love the sanding sponges. They’re so easy to use. There was some glue from the original project that I couldn’t remove, but it didn’t matter because I knew I’d be covering the bottom with a display. I sprayed it with Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover in Seaside and let it dry according to the can’s directions.  I did two coats on this one because of the detail where the glass sits. Luckily, all that the glass needed was a cleaning and then it was done. BOOM. Easy.

cloche fireplace candles

The Results

I tried a couple different things inside. I am looking for some neat knick-knacks to style this one, but haven’t found anything I’m crazy about yet. The Mr. and Mrs. sign worked, and might be cute at a wedding, but I wasn’t crazy about it for my home.

I tried to display some sentimental jewelry, and that had some serious pop to it. Plus, it displays items that I might not wear on a daily basis. I’m adding a close-up  of thecloche earrings earrings Mr. got me for Christmas in our second year. They’re too pretty not to show off!

Ultimately, I’ll keep the floral arrangement in there. I am still hunting for something to display, but I might wait until after the wedding and put my bouquet in there. How stunning would that be?!

This was an extremely simple post, but this one small project is encouraging me to choose more bold colors for future projects throughout the house. I just love the contrast that is created with the bright paint!

brightly painted cloche
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