Does the Front Door Really Matter?

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I apologize for being absent. I haven’t really taken a break to blog since we CLOSED ON OUR HOUSE!! Mr. and I are very glad to know that it’s all done.

The short sale process was extremely easy for us-our realtor even said it was unusual, but the mortgage process was a pain. I am breathing easy because it is finally ours.

The house was a rental/sat empty for about two years; it needs lots of love. (See dead bush in first photo.) One of the first things that Mr. commented on was the front door. It was a very dingy white, and try as I might, those marks would not wash off. This is going to be a pain, right? WRONG. I did a little research and found Modern Masters Front Door Paint. The reviews raved about how wonderful it was and I decided to give it a try.

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8 Fashion Trends for Spring 2017 That I’ll Thrift First

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I love seeing how fashion trends morph. They never seem to change completely, but instead fade through the seasons until they are revived again.

Because many styles come in waves, it is common to find older or vintage items that are back on-trend in thrift stores. Shoot, some people even donate items before they are out of style! I have created a list of 8 of this season’s essentials, and I have included Amazon links in case you’d rather buy it now. (No judgement.)

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Ugly Tray Turned Beautiful Breakfast Server

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I am ashamed to admit that I often find myself working on blog posts or sales listings from the comfort of my bed. Partly because my office is overrun by clothes I’m selling, but also because I like being comfy and watching TV at the same time. Unfortunately, today was a sick day for me, so you get to see this beaut in cold/flu action! (By the way, yes. I always eat salmon on fancy plates when I’m sick… HA! It was just the only thing that my stomach could handle.)

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How I Thrifted My April Capsule Wardrobe for Under $100 ($66.50, to be exact.)

The Challenge

I decided to challenge myself with this post by trying to thrift a seasonal capsule wardrobe (30 outfits) for under $100 total. I ended up coming in WAY under budget for 17 pieces. (Plus I have added some ideas on how to spend the extra dollars!)

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Thrifted Cloche with a Bright Twist

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bright wedding clocheCloches have been popular for years.  I have always enjoyed them, but never thought my house was fancy enough to pull off a “Beauty and the Beast”. I found one at the Goodwill Outlet and decided I had to give it a closer look. (If you’ve never been to the Goodwill Outlet, you NEED to go.  It’s an adventure every time.)

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How to Have a Successful 30-Minute Goodwill Trip

the 30 minutes goodwill trip

Do you have unlimited free time to spend thrifting?

If so, get the heck out! We don’t need your unicorn-types around here.

If the answer is no, I welcome you, friend. I often found myself driving past a new thrift shop thinking: I don’t have three hours to spend there today. Maybe tomorrow…

HA! Most of the finds that I write about came out of a 30-minute trip. But how is it done?

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$1.75 Bathroom Apothecary Jar Upcycle

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Apothecary jars are so delicate while still being usable. Due to their designs, they can cost upwards of $200. Two. Hundred. Dollars. Lucky for me, I have an excess of candles and candle jars. I cannot resist buying them on clearance, which has resulted in an entire shelf in the basement being dedicated to scented wax storage. Whoops.

I was scrolling through photos of amazing bathrooms when I realized that those empty candle jars I recycled could have a second life as apothecary jars. I already have one pretty jar that currently houses cotton balls, but I needed someplace for the cotton swabs to go. It is a dire emergency if this household runs out of cotton swabs…

So back to the candles: I found a Chesapeake Bay candle I loved at Marshall’s, and was so sad when it ran out that I kept the jar. It had a wooden lid and was perfect for my apothecary project. Voila! A new beginning for an old candle!

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